Current Advocacy Campaigns

  • Oppose the Nomination of Scott Pruitt
    Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been nominated by the Trump administration to serve as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He is not the right choice to lead the agency. Urge your senators to oppose Mr. Pruitt's nomination.
  • Tell Ryan Zinke: Protect National Parks
    Sign NPCA's petition and join fellow national park supporters in urging Representative Zinke to make national parks a priority for the Trump administration.
  • Denali Wolves Should Be Seen, Not Hunted
    The wolves of Denali need your voice. Please send a letter to the Alaska Board of Game and ask them to reinstate the safe zone around the park by adopting proposal #142. Denali's wolves should be seen, not shot.
  • Tell Congress to Preserve and Protect the Antiquities Act!
    Urge Congress to support the Antiquities Act, safeguarding America's special places, and oppose any amendments or bills to undermine this important law and the future preservation of and access to our national heritage.
  • Our National Parks
    Please join the National Parks Conservation Association and send a message to the President and Congress that our national parks matter.